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This grandiose mansion with nine-metre high ceilings would be ideally suited to experimentation on the art deco theme, particularly since the owner is himself a great aficionado of this style.  References to 1930s America are found on all sides – from the monumental staircase with ornamented bannisters to the faceted mirror glass set in the revolving doors to the dining room; from the upward sweeping columns of the reception room to the massive light fittings.  

Living room
Living room
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The main materials used in the interior are large marble flags and graphic wall panels of dark American walnut, supplemented with exotic timbers such as wenge, zebrano and merbau.  In the bedrooms, reception room, nursery and cinema, the wooden panels are accompanied by textile trimmings.  

Dining room
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The walls and edges of the pool are upholstered with specially treated teak with resin-filled seams; similar to the methods used in dressing and applying timbers to the decks of a yacht.  Against this background there appears a flamboyant ornamental motif – a mosaic pattern, reminiscent of the iridescent plumage of the firebird, harmonizing with the more laconic décor of the bathrooms, Turkish bath and spa. 


The bathrooms themselves are distinguished by their space and majesty – one of them even containing a divan and armchair.   


The greater part of the furniture, light fixtures and doors in the house were prepared to order as unique items and imported from the USA.  The chandeliers, bannisters and decorative wall panels are complemented by the geometrical patterns of the carpets.  


 A splendid formal park has been arranged around the mansion, with birch trees and pines, as well as twenty-year-old bonsai trees imported from German and Dutch plant nurseries, organically inserted into the landscape of the banks of the River Moskva.